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Tri-I Training: Bioinformatics and Computational Methods
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Introduction to Bioinformatics:

  • "Excellent instructor. Geared perfectly for my needs."
  • "A very nice introduction to web-available resources for beginners at sequence searching & alignment...which I am, plus intuitive explanations of what some of the algorithms are actually doing. The hands on exercises were the best part."
  • "The pace of the class was excellent. I enjoyed how each topic included an overview of the available tools."


  • "The handouts were excellent. I also thought that the instructor did a very good job teaching so many topics in such a short time."
  • "The course was very useful and very well organized."


  • "I thought the handouts were excellent. It is very easy to miss something an instructor says, or to quickly forget it and find yourself sitting at your computer asking yourself \"now what was that command that did ______\". It is very clear that you put a lot of thought into this course."
  • "It was well structured and good pace for my needs."