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Nonparametric Statistics and Bioinformatics Tools for Genetics, Genomics, and Phenomics

Dates: [ one class in four parts ]

Monday, July 17 from 11am-1pm
Monday, July 17 from 3-5pm
Tuesday, July 18 from 11am-1pm
Tuesday, July 18 from 3-5pm

This a hands-on computer based workshop provides an introduction to various applications of novel non-parametric methods based on u-statistics to the emerging field of molecular medicine.

Organizer: Knut Wittkowski (RU)

Goals and Objectives: Each session consists of (a) highlights of the method, (b) applications, and (c) exercises using R/S-Plus and Web-based bioinformatics tools. Attendees are expected to gain a solid foundation in the use of fundamental bioinformatics tools and understanding the underlying statistical concepts.

Size: 20

Prerequisite: No statistical background is required. Experience with the web, spreadsheets, some programming and biology background may be useful.