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Next Generation Sequencing
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Dates: [ one class in four parts ]

Part 1: Wednesday, October 6 - 9am to 11am
Part 2: Thursday, October 7 - 9am to 11am
Part 3: Wednesday, October 13 - 9am to 11am
Part 4: Thursday, October 14 - 9am to 11am

The course will introduce participants to the biochemical background, data collection, and data analysis frameworks for next-gen sequencing (NGS). Over the course of this workshop, they will learn how to handle the enormous amounts of data that are generated by these methods, and how to approach their analysis, from re-sequencing, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, or other NGS datasets.

In order to make this workshop more accessible to a larger audience, each participant is asked to bring their own laptop. Laptops must be wireless-enabled UNIX-based (Intel chip) Macs or Linux machines, since most open-source aligners will only run on these systems. Obviously, the newer the laptop, and the more disk space and memory it has, the better. However, the minimum specs required to run the open source NGS data analysis software that will be explored in this workshop are:
      3 GB RAM
      20 GB free disk space

Additional prerequisites: Participants should be comfortable with using the UNIX command line, and should have a good knowledge of the UCSC genome browser.

In order to reach as wide an audience as possible, we ask that only one member per lab registers for this course. We will be allocating 20 spaces per institution.

Instructor: Christopher Mason (ICB, WMC)

Size: 35