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NCBI Field Guide Workshop
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The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) presents A Field Guide to GenBank and NCBI Molecular Biology Resources, a lecture and hands-on computer workshop on GenBank and related databases covering effective use of the Entrez databases and search service, the BLAST similarity search engine, genome data and related resources.


  • GenBank Database: description and scope
  • The NCBI Derivative Databases: RefSeqs
  • Database Searching using Entrez
    • Neighboring and Links
    • Entrez searching
  • The NCBI Structures Database
    • The Molecular Modeling Database (MMDB)
    • Structural Alignments
    • Viewing Structures and Structural Alignments with Cn3D
  • Similarity Searching using NCBI BLAST
    • Local Alignment Statistics
    • Scoring Systems
    • Using BLAST 2.2.8 web services
    • RPS-BLAST (CDD Search)
    • Specialized BLAST pages
  • Genomic Resources at NCBI
    • Complete Microbial Genomes in Entrez
    • Higher Genome Resources
      • RefSeq and Genes
      • UniGene
      • Variation Data (SNPs)
      • The Human, Mouse and Rat genomes
      • The Map Viewer
      • Other Genomes

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