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Microarray Analysis in Excel:
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Registration is open.

Date: Friday December 10th, 1-3pm

This is a hands-on computer based workshop in importing, manipulating, filtering, and mining microarray data sets in Microsoft Excel. An example dataset will be provided but participants can also bring their own datasets to share or practice on.

Organizers: Piali Mukherjee (ICB, WMC), Nick Socci (CBC, MSKCC)

Schedule: [1 day, 2hrs]

Importing and Manipulating Datasets in Excel

  • Importing microarray datasets in tab, comma or space delimited text formats into excel
  • Sorting and filtering datasets by column
  • Calculating logs, ratios, standard deviations etc.
  • Drawing basic scatter plots and calculating correlation coefficient
  • Performing t-tests, ANOVA and drawing histograms with the excel data analysis pack

Microarray Macros in Excel

Analyzing a Microarray Dataset in SAM

  • Introduction to SAM
  • Transforming raw data into the correct format for SAM input
  • Running SAM -- understanding related parameters
  • Interpretation of SAM output

Prerequisite: Familiarity with Microarray technology/experiments required. Some familiarity with Microsoft Office software would be useful.