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Tri-I Training: Bioinformatics and Computational Methods
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Lucy Skrabanek
Applied Bioinformatics Core, Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM)

Manda Wilson
Bioinformatics Core, Computational Biology Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering

Sequence Analysis
Nucleotide and protein sequence comparison and analysis using web applications and installed software.
Public Repositories
Public data resources and tools from NCBI, EBI, Sanger Institute and UCSC Genome Browser.
Nonparametric Statistics and Bioinformatics Tools for Genetics, Genomics, and Phenomic
Hands-on computer based workshop providing an introduction to various applications of novel non-parametric methods based on u-statistics to the emerging field of molecular medicine.
Mouse Genome Resources
Includes both a lecture and an optional hands-on computer workshop. The lecture will cover the history of the mouse genome project, how the mouse genome is built and some caveats of its use. The workshop will employ hands-on computer exercises, including 3-4 worked examples that mimic the types of problems biologists commonly encounter when approaching the mouse genome.
Pathway Analysis using Ingenuity and iHOP
Hands-on computer based workshop on two gene pathway analysis tools useful for a better understanding of the results of transcription profiling experiments.
Introduction to Microarray Analysis and Tools
Lecture on microarray hybridization technologies, including Affymetrix, spotted arrays and printed oligo arrays, as well as their uses.
Microarray Analysis in MS Excel
Hands-on computer based workshop in importing, manipulating, filtering, and mining microarray data sets in Microsoft Excel.
Introduction to Bioinformatics
Hands-on computer based workshop on retrieving sequence data from public databases, homology search tools, pairwise and multiple sequence alignments, and phylogenetic tree reconstruction.
Introduction to UNIX
Hands-on computer based workshop on the fundamentals of the UNIX operating system including the command line interface, commonly used commands, regular expressions, text editors and shell scripts.
Introduction to Perl
Hands-on computer based workshop on the Basics of the Perl computer programming language. Aims to prepare students for the more advanced concepts covered in "Perl for Bioinformatics."
Learning Perl for Bioinformatics
Hands-on computer based workshop on the fundamentals of the Perl computer programming language. Aims to introduce participants to modules and object oriented programming of Perl language by using worked examples relevant to sequence analysis and bioinformatics.
Introduction to MySQL
Provides an introduction to storing biological data in MySQL and accessing MySQL data via the PHP scripting language.
Analysis of Genechip Data in GeneSpring
Hands-on computer based workshop on a popular microarray data analysis software package covering data import (Affymetrix and spotted array), identification of statistically different gene expression levels between experimental groups, hierarchical clustering and annotation.
Molecular Modeling
An overview of molecular modeling tools and techniques, with a focus on visualization tools.
Molecular Biology for Non-biologists
Peer study section for non-biologists to learn the fundamental concepts and methods of molecular biology.

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