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Introduction to Programming with Python
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Dates: TBD [ one class in four parts ]

The workshop covers the basic concepts of computer programming using Python. We will use a combination of lecture and worked examples, concentrating on basic Python concepts with special attention to the language's relevance to bioinformatics. The workshop is designed for beginners, and topics covered will include: data types, control structures, regular expressions, file parsing, data manipulation, modules. Our aim is to provide the fundamental tools to allow participants to make use of Python to facilitate their research. Problem sets will be developed based on the needs of the participants.

This workshop is intended for those without prior computer programming experience.

UNIX experience is NOT required.

Organizers: Aaron Gabow (MSK)

Size: 15


Part 1 (day 1: 2 hours)

  • What is programming? What is Python?
  • The Python interpreter
  • Input/Output
  • Data types

Part 2 (day 2: 2 hours)
  • Control statements
  • Loops
  • Arrays
  • File reading and writing
Part 3 (day 3: 2 hours)
  • Writing your own functions
  • Regular expressions
  • Exception handling
Part 4 (day 4: 2 hours)
  • Biopython
  • Testing code