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Accelerated Learning:

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Date: Friday, May 6 and Wednesday, May 11, noon-2:45pm or 3:15-6:00pm

A practical workshop on advanced learning and adaptive problem solving techniques based on research in cognitive science into the development of superior mental performance.

ORGANIZERS: Lucy Skrabanek (ICB, WMC) and David Delany (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)


At the end of the course, attendees are expected to have gained a practical understanding of Advanced Critical Thinking (ACT) techniques for accelerating the development of expert levels of understanding and adaptive problem solving skills.

This course is divided into 4 modules over two days. Each module begins with an introduction to the theory underpinning the tools being taught in that session, followed by exercises designed to illuminate the tools and the principles.

SIZE: 20


MODULE 1: The Foundations of Superior Performance

Current understanding of the nature and development of superior performance, as revealed by studies of expert performers by cognitive scientists, is described. The Advanced Critical Thinking Framework - a model of the fundamental elements of expert performance - is introduced and its implications for learning and teaching practice are discussed.

MODULE 2: Knowledge Engineering - Building Expert Understanding

Students are introduced to Knowledge Engineering, a novel and powerful skilled learning tool. The corollary ACT Study method and ACT Structured Writing methods are explained. The Advanced Concept Mapping tool is introduced.

MODULE 3: Logical Thinking Skills - Components of Knowledge Engineering

The core logical thinking skills that underpin the construction of expert 'connected understanding' and the development of adaptive problem solving skills are explored.

MODULE 4: Reverse Engineering of Expertise - Learning from Geniuses

Students are shown how to use the advanced Knowledge Engineering techniques of Deep Structure Analysis and Heuristic Analysis to 'reverse engineer' the deep-level understanding and adaptive problem solving strategies of elite experts.